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Microsoft Promised to Make Bing Profitable

Oct 22 2015


Microsoft released their first quarter earnings report today after the close and the company made good on their long term promise that their search engine, Bing, would be profitable in 2016. Bing made over $1 billion in the first quarter of the year, quite a feet. Revenue grew in coordination with the release of Windows 10 which allowed search to be profitable. Everything points to Windows 10 being a big hit after have several missteps with other Operating System releases.

This is a really good sign for the company as Windows 10 is a fairly new product which means that search revenue derived from Windows 10 devices is more than likely going to increase as installs continue to increase. Even with the good news, some analyst still believe that Microsoft should sell Bing. Not sure which company makes sense but it would have to be a large organization that can handle all aspects, possibly Apple.

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