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Legislators Push For Quick Creation Of Uber Regulations

Jun 13 2015


Ride-hailing companies based on mobile applications have immediately become popular since they were introduced. However, the lack of government regulation is preventing this new industry from truly taking off the ground.

Key players are now pushing for the fast-tracking of regulations given the rising demand and potential for taxes. Nevada is leading the way with transport regulators voting in favor of asking the governor for emergency status.

The spokesperson from the Nevada Transport Authority said that Gov. Sandoval's permission would hasten the process and let the officials set everything in place by June 19, the deadline provided by the state legislature.

Sen. Kelvin Atkinson is hoping that the ride-hailing services will be able to run as early as July 1. The major companies in this sector, Uber and Lyft, are not certain whether they will be able to begin their rollout that early. 

The legislature has already done its part in passing the bill to allow ride-hailing in the state. After all the debate, lawmakers were convinced of the income-generating potential of the business with the 3% fare tax estimated to bring in at least $70 dollars in the first two years.

Now only the specific Uber regulations are required for everything to push through. Andrew Mackay, chairman of the NTA, was assured by several senators that the funding would be in place for a fast processing.

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