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Conservative Groups Ask Congress To Overturn Net Neutrality

Apr 02 2015


American Commitment has put together a petition of over 500,000 Americans who want the FCC to overturn the recent Net Neutrality decision. The group American Commitment does get some funding from the Koch Brothers. The petitions went to two representatives and one Senator, based open the location of the person who signed the petition. The group feels the recent mid-term elections was a clear sign that the country wants smaller government, and the FCC action goes in the complete wrong direction, expanding the role of the federal government.

The group feels the government has the ability to destroy the Internet with bureaucracy, taxes, and regulation. The FCC is supposed to be an independent agency but went along with the president’s plan for the Internet with little variance. Private investment is already declining in broadband services and the trend will rapidly increase if the ruling is not overturned. The Universal Service Fund is to now be paid by all broadband carriers in addition to telephone companies. This tax has the purpose of providing telephone service to rural areas.

Congress is working at this time to reverse the government power grab of the Internet while still providing equal broadband coverage for all online services. Other groups working to overturn the ruling include carriers ISP Alamo and USTelecom who have decided to take the issue to court and sue the FCC.

What you need to know about the FCC's new net neutrality proposal

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