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Microsoft Preps for Windows 10

Jan 21 2015


How many people are testing Microsoft’s new operating system? How about 1.7 million people have signed up to be early testers. Windows 10, is a big deal for Microsoft and loyal fans who want something better than the operating system they got with Windows 8, a disappointment. At a company event today, Windows 10: The Next Chapter, executives shared what to expect with the new software when it is made available. They discussed a new browser that is coming, the price structure that will include free versions for some, and even the use of holograms for virtual workspaces.

The company tapped into their Insider network to gain insight into what should be included in the new software, and that should help to have a better reception. Cortana is going to be a big part of the operating system, according Terry Myerson today. The voice assistant was only available on mobile devices before but will be on desktops now.

Windows 10 will run on all types of devices: tablets, cell phones, laptops and desktops. XBox will also have a version of the operating system that will provide apps but not all the program support. Microsoft is hoping having the same platform on all devices will draw in developers that had previously developed for Android or Apple.

Security was a prime consideration in the development of Windows 10. Microsoft wants business users to feel secure in use the operating system in the enterprise.

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