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TurboTax Makes Controversial Changes

Jan 13 2015


TurboTax Deluxe has changed radically for this filing year, says MousePrint, in a warning piece about the popular tax prep computer program. MousePrint says that the usual interview parts of TurboTax which had, in the past, answered questions regarding Schedules C, D and E are not included in the package but need a costly bump-up to "Premier" editions and others. Schedule C refers to self-employment, Schedule D to investments and Schedule E to rentals and income from partnerships.

Edgar Dworsky, founder of, said that the change was clever. TurboTax took out features that loyal customers were used to and now charge them extra if they want to get them again. Once the customer is already using the software, he may learn he has to pay some dollars to have what he has always had from TurboTax.

TurboTax maker, Intuit, did not give people enough warning about the changes, Dworsky elaborated. Customers have already vigorously complained on

Because H&R Block can see an opportunity, the company is offering dissatisfied TurboTax users a complimentary H&R Block Deluxe + State 2014. The company says many of the federal forms and schedules that TurboTax Basic no longer has are in the H&R Block package without an added cost. Customers should email [email protected] with this information:

~name, phone number and address
~operating system (Windows or Mac)
~proof of purchase of TurboTax Basic or Deluxe (photo, email or scanned)

H&R Block will send a link for a free download of the H&R Block Deluxe + State.

This offer is not on the H&R Block website and is only obtainable through email. Because I have not tried this version of TurboTax Deluxe or the H&R Block software, I don't know how difficult the changes really are or if the transition to H&R Block is easy or not.

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