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Razer Nabu X Released by Razer at CES

Jan 07 2015


Following other fitness bands, Razer launched the Razer Nabu X at CES this week. The band provides notifications from smartphones, social band to band features, and the tracking of fitness data for the wearer. It is made of a soft rubber, one-size fits all, and is water resistant. It is available at a discounted $19.99 for Razer Insider Forum members at this time. Retail outlets will have the wearable device January 13th at a retail price of $49.99. Razer is known for their gaming devices mostly.

The Nabu X has three colored light indicators (which can be customized) for notifications along with a small OLED screen to preview texts and messages. Third party vendors have been developing applications for the device and those can be found online at the Nabu Razer Marketplace. CEO for the company, Min-Liang Tan, likes the simplicity and the price point the band offers to consumers. Three colors will be available for purchase, the black, green and white.

Connected apps include Android and iOS at this time with more possible using the third party development platform.

Razer Nabu X: an affordable little wrist-wearable that glows

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