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GoDaddy Hosting Is Evolving Even More

Aug 07 2014

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Danica Patrick, Turn 1 - Team Andretti GoDaddy Powered by Honda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For general registration, the.CLUB Domain Name extensions are now available.

GoDaddy is among the world's largest providers of technology who are aimed at small business. They help customers acquire the right name to give their businesses. Today they offer a couple of their newest top level generic domains - gTLD and .CLUB. The .CLUB domain translates across various languages. This extensions is immediately recognizable and carries good market value to brand names across the globe.

The world is filled with literally millions of established clubs. There are health clubs, night clubs, yacht clubs, social clubs, and many more. That makes the .CLUB domain extension very versatile as well a globally relevant. Two good examples of how popular this type of domain name can be, are the ones Beauty.CLUB and MakeUp.CLUB, which have been purchased already by MaryKay Cosmetic. They have become a trusted name globally for skin care.

These new domain extensions have been created to give businesses, organizations, and individuals, a way that they can create more personalized experiences by using relevant and easy-to-remember domain names (this is according to Mike McLaughlin, GoDaddy's Senior Vice-President & General Domains Manager).

Mr. McLaughlin also stated that "when you think of how many different types of clubs exist out there, like 'of the month' clubs, 'club' sports, 'car clubs', and so many others; then you see the potential here. With our new dot-CLUB launching there are going to be loads of opportunities to grab premium names."

The new extensions deliver good alternatives to the older more traditional extensions. They expand the range of choices for creating brand new domain names that will identify websites better by focusing more on their specialties. With a .CLUB domain individuals and organizations will be getting a more personalized and enhanced presence when they are engaging on platforms like Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook, simply by creating a unique direct link back to their group's dedicated page.

To register your own .CLUB domain name, go to and get signed up for your own Godaddy Hosting.

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