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Getting A Lot Of Search Traffic To Your Website

Apr 24 2014

Niche Parent 13 #nicheparent13

Niche Parent 13 #nicheparent13 (Photo credit: blancastella)

I am going to explain to you how my website traffic went from 0-10K in just three short months.

I have a site that provides tutorials on how to use a blogging platform called Ghost. Soon after starting my site, I started to see an increase in traffic. Below are some of the ways that have helped me grow my site's traffic.

Find The Right Topic
You may have heard this before, but you need to find the right topic, and you will want to choose a niche that is not overcrowded. This may be hard to do, but it is worth finding a niche that is not crowded.

Guest Posting
Choosing the right niche is important, but so is guest posting. If you guest post on the right blogs, then you will end up receiving a lot of traffic to your website. However, when it comes to guest posting, you will need to think outside the box. Build a relationship with other bloggers, and with bloggers that are involved in your niche.

Comment On Forums
You should comment on forums, and make sure that the comments are not spammy ones. You want to leave comments in forums that are about your niche, and then leave a link back to your site, but make sure you are linking to useful and helpful articles on your site.

You can use social media management software to help you manage your social media accounts, and you can use it to help keep track of links and comments you leave in forums, as well as elsewhere. 

Make sure to find a forum that pertains to your niche, and when someone asks a question that your site can answer, then you will want to leave a link back to your website, as this is relevant to the question.

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