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Microsoft Dominates CES with Innovative Products

Jan 07 2014

2013 International CES in Las Vegas

2013 International CES in Las Vegas (Photo credit: Tucano _ Tech & Style, Milano)

In 2012, Microsoft had decided to quit the Consumer Electronics Show and it had pulled back almost all of its products. However,  the company has had a good year in 2013 and Microsoft dominated the Consumer Electronics Show due to its impressive OEM partners. According to Nick Parker, corporate vice president, the company decided to use the 2013 Expo to promote its OEM partners and the collaboration products expected to be out in early 2014.

New products for 2014 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Microsoft has focused mainly on tablets for 2014 and it plans to promote these tablets in a big way to its faithful customers. Microsoft partners will be launching several tablets using proprietary technology like Windows 8.1 Intel and these tablets are expected to take over the market. These new tablets are expected to provide users with extra technology in the form of more user ports and additional support for extra devices like printers and pen/stylus usage. One of the most popular products for 2014 is expected to be the innovative new Panasonic's new 7-inch Toughpad FZ-M1. This rugged device uses the Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit processors which makes it superfast. The tablet also has optional SD drives and optional stylus support with fourth generation Intel technology. According to early press releases, the Toughpad can run for 8 hours on battery power and it can work anywhere without the need for charging. Other attractive models to be released include the Toshiba's Tecra W50 and the Satellite P50t. The company also used the CES to discuss and promote its Xbox. Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president was quick to point out that the company was seeing explosive sales in that division with more than 3 million Xbox Ones out and more than 2 million on backorder for 13 countries worldwide.

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