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Changes With The Windows 8.1 Upgrade

Oct 18 2013

Windows 7 build 7600

Windows 7 build 7600 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Changes With The Windows 8.1 Upgrade

Microsoft (MS) has always provided good and world class products that have been getting a lot of good reviews as well as many criticisms. Nevertheless the products we keep getting from MS never stop getting better. One of the products they have provided is the personal computer operating system. For quite some time people have been using Windows 7. Lately there was the introduction of MS Windows 8. It was a great invention and those who jumped into using it found it quite cool while others found fault with it.

After some positive criticism from the users, Microsoft decided to bring in an upgrade of windows 8. This upgrade brings in some changes to ensure that the users find it comfortable to use. Here are just some of the features of the Windows 8.1 upgrade.

1. Better music and email app.

The upgrade has tried to make a change in the email app so that it does not look entirely like a contact book as it is in the windows 8 version. The app now looks cool and at least resembles an email application. In addition, the music app has been simplified and made to look a bit more logical. The app now allows you to easily scroll through the songs and even has a cool name, Xmusic.

2. Cool third party features.

The upgrade has been enhanced to incorporate some cool feature like the Facebook app. This app is made even better and can work perfectly well with touchscreens. The Skype app is even made better and not to mention the Netflix which remains uncharged.

3. Automatic update

In the previous version of windows 8 you had to upgrade the apps manual or you get a prompt to upgrade the apps when you visit the store. This meant that if you did not open the store, then you could be using an outdated version of the app. All this has now changed, with the upgrade all apps are automatically upgraded. The cool thing about this update is that they can be done in the background and allow you to still do some other things.

4. Return of the State button

For 18 years of using windows people got so used to that start button that its absence in the windows 8 cased almost a major meltdown in the world. But thanks to the new upgrade the button is back. With the click of the button you are taken to the start page.

5. Boot to desktop.

Other features that you can enjoy I this version is the choice either to boot to the desktop or the AIU screen. This gives an option to those who do not have a touchscreen to enjoy the upgrade.

In a nutshell, many will say that windows 8.1 is what windows 8 should have originally been. It is great to upgrade to this version if you ever hard fears about the windows 8.

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