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Microsoft Shuts Down TechNet

Jul 01 2013

Microsoft TechNet

Microsoft TechNet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft Shuts Down TechNet

One of the staples of the past fifteen years for both information technology workers and computer enthusiasts has been Microsoft's TechNet, a website and monthly subscription that that allowed for information, discussion, and updates in the IT community.  Yet all good things must come to an end and Microsoft announced it would shut down the TechNet community in the near future, with no new subscriptions after August 31st and a complete shut-down of all services by October of 2014. 

What's In A Name

TechNet provided a community for Microsoft users to better improve the functionality of their computers.  The subscription services (between two and five hundred dollars per year) allowed for downloads of many different types of Microsoft software, including complete Office packages.  Systems like Windows Server and SQL Server were valuable packages for businesses that wanted their entire operations built on the pre-fabricated Microsoft model.

What It Means

For some developers, coders, and computer scientists, life will not change at all once the TechNet servers have the plugs pulled out from them and the site peters out to a blank page.  For many others, however, it will mean a major change.  TechNet served as one of the best centers for advice and explanations of IT issues and new software, while allowing for simple troubleshooting and bug reporting whenever a glitch sprang up.  Businesses will now have to pay the full price for bundles of program packages, including the PowerPoint and Excel software that serve as the lifeblood for many different businesses.

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