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5 Little Known Ways to Increase Your Computer Speed

Feb 11 2013

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5 Little Known Ways to Increase Your Computer Speed

After a few years of use, you've probably noticed that your computer has gotten much slower than when you initially purchased it. However, when it gets too slow, there is no need to purchase a new computer when you can employ tactics to bring it back to an at least tolerable speed. Here are five little known ways to increase your computer speed.

1. Reduce Amount Fonts Loaded at Start Up
An excellent yet mostly unknown way to speed up your computer is by reducing the amount of fonts that your computer loads when you boot it up. Most people use very few of these fonts, so to reduce the amount of fonts loaded up would not affect their computer experience, except by increasing the speed the computer runs.
If this method doesn't speed up your computer at all, or speed up the booting process, you can return to having your computer load up all the fonts at start up.

2. Turn Off System Restore
This tip is only recommended if you use a third party software in order to backup your Windows computer. The lack of restore points will make your computer run much faster than before. Some software for backing up Windows are MozyHome, Cobian Backup, and Sync Back. You can turn off and turn system restore by going to "My Computer" and looking under "Properties."

3. Move Your "My Documents" Folder
If you have many things in your "My Documents" folder, that may be the reason why your computer is so slow. You can solve this problem by changing the location of your "My Documents" folder to a separate hard drive or partition. Once this task is complete, your computer will speed up significantly.

4. Disable Start Up Programs
Sometimes, when you download something to your computer, it starts up as soon as you turn on the computer. Most of the time, you don't use these programs that start up immediately, so you can disable them. This will enable you to have a quicker startup time and stop your computer from having to process all of those systems.

5. Delete Your Internet History
Many people believe that deleting your Internet history and cookies won't do much to speed up your computer, but it can actually make a difference, especially if you haven't cleared your Internet history and cookies for years.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can increase your computer speed besides the obvious methods such as uninstalling unused programs, getting rid of numerous tool bars, periodically using Task Manager, or purchasing a new computer.

Aubrey Phelps is a writer for, a Virtual Hosting provider. In her spare time she reads and spends time with her two dogs.

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