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Finding Good Video Content as Easy as Channel 9

Jan 22 2009


Finding Good Video Content as Easy as Channel 9

I often go to the Central Ohio .Net Developers Group at a Microsoft Office here in Central Ohio. But when I am sometimes unable to go due to schedule I try to read the presenter's blog or find similar content online as to what I would have found at the meeting. is a great resource from Microsoft with video from Microsoft presenters and Microsoft employees on all topics Microsoft.

By Steve Patterson

This week at the CONDG meeting they are having a Silverlight in the Enterprise topic and a second topic on Microsoft Surface. After search with (Sorry I find a very good Silverlight presentation from Karen Corby the Programmer Manager on the Silverlight Team called Silverlight 2 Control Model. And I also found a great presentation by Robert Levy, a lead developer for the Surface SDK, on Developing for Microsoft Surface. Both these presentations are from the Professional Developers Conference 2008. Take a look if you have an opportunity as they are both very good discussions.

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