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BizSpark from Microsoft

Feb 24 2009


BizSpark from Microsoft

If you are starting an online software development company or considering starting one, Microsoft has developed a program that will allow your small company to use their exceptional tools and grow quicker than otherwise possible. Through the companies Startup Zone at, you can participate in their BizSpark program for up to three years annually renewed.

Startup Zone

The Microsoft Startup Zone is designed to encourage innovation through resources. Through the Startup Zone you have the ability to use Microsoft's leading technologies and platforms that scale easily as your business expands. You also are able to join their network of entrepreneurs and experts and learn within the community.

BizSpark Software Package

From what I have read, the BizSpark program offers a vast amount of software at an incredibly cheap $100 fee per year for the three year period that your company is starting. The software package includes Hosting, Expression Studio, Office, Sharepoint, SQL Server, Windows, Windows Server, Visual Studio, and much more. There are revenue limitations and other terms and conditions but what is offered is something that should be considered by all small development shops.

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