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Developing a Software Design with Access

Jul 06 2009

Developing a Software Design with Access

We had the need for a quick software interface design this past weekend and came up with Microsoft Access as an easy way to layout the forms and add comments which will eventually become the help topics. We could have also utilized Visio or Visual Studio 2008 but the quickness and ease of Access Forms made the process simple. We didn’t use any wizards but opened blank forms widows and began dropping text box and labels as needed.

Grid Control Look-A-Like

Buttons were just as simple with all the text available through the graphical interface itself. We expanded text boxes on the far right to add in directions and help information for the developer. Creating a grid was the most difficult part but by using a series of list boxes on top of one another, the design greatly resembled a compiled and running grid control.

Paint.Net and Screenshots

Plus saving the work and creating screenshots with Paint.Net was super simple. Editing is just as easy with the ability to open the Access mdb file, modify a form, save it, and capture it to an image using the Windows Print Screen facility and Paint.Net. This was the first step in a software development project we have begun with a freelance developer from outside the country. I will keep you updated on the progress of the project and present the final product to you in mid-August.

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