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Page Ranked Links with Affiliate Tools

Jul 22 2009

Page Ranked Links with Affiliate Tools

There’s a number of decent articles on the Internet about getting back links to your website by requesting links, writing good content, and leaving comments. But if you’re getting back links on terrible sites that aren’t indexed or have page ranks that look like goose eggs then you are probably wasting your time. I have been there and didn’t like the feeling.

Page Rank Searches

With four affiliate tools in two different categories you can find bank links that have good page rank and therefore are worth the time to pursue. The first category is Page Rank searching. I have found two good tools within this category, they are SEO Chat’s Page Rank Search and SERP Analytics Google Search. With these two tools you can find sites with great rankings by keywords that you are focusing on in your writing. And you can search good sites for pages that rank higher than others by using the ‘site:’ directive. SERP Analytics sometimes stops working after too many searches as Google flags your IP as a spam source. It is necessary to wait an hour or so when this happens and search Google one more time entering a CAPTCHA keyword to begin to get Google search results again.

Backlink Checkers

The other category of tools that can help in finding good link locations are back link checkers. iWebTool Backlink Checker and BRL Backlink Checker Tool are both very good. Once you find sites that rank well for keywords that you are targeting, you can use these tools to locate the best links the sites are receiving that give them the prominent search positions. iWebTool can also stop working after a number of searches so you will have to switch services at some point or wait until the tool is available again.

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