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Wordpress Plugins for Better Posting

Jul 24 2009

Wordpress Plugins for Better Posting

On a site that I am the administrator for, there is a writer who likes to not add site tags to an article but instead adds Technorati tags from within Live Writer to a post prior to publishing. If you have ever used Live Writer and inserted these tags to a post then you know that the tags created are bad. They link to pages that do not exist cause they use the directory structure /tags/ instead of the correct directory /tag/ for each link.


Today I found two plugins that will solve these issues for the writer who refuses to change. The first is called Auto-tags. This plugin works with two different services, Yahoo! and, to add a preselected number of tags automatically to each post that is published to the website. It searches the content of the post for the most relevant tags and adds them. What could be better than automatically tagging posts?

Search and Replace

The second Wordpress plugin is call Search and Replace.You have probably already figured out what the purpose of this plugin is just from the name. But it searches the Wordpress database in a number of different ways that you specify for certain text and then replaces the text. Great for my Technorati tag issue. I tried it today and it found 26 posts that needed to have tags corrected. Now all the search engines love the site once again. At least that’s the hope.

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