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The Importance of the Landing Page for SEO

Sep 10 2009

The Importance of the Landing Page for SEO

The Landing Page is a single page website where a visitor comes after clicking on your PPC ad or natural search engine link. The main objective of the page is to introduce the guest to your product or service. A prospect maybe in search of a service that has the ability to resolve his or her problem, and your lead capture page helps them to find this product easily.

The different gears of the landing page serve to educate the prospect, instill confidence in your service or product, and motivate them to make a purchase. For instance, the headline of the page not only grabs the awareness of the visitor, but also gives them a reasonable idea whether he has reached the right place or a site that does not contain what they are looking for. Likewise, the contents of the page enlist the significant features of the product as well as its benefits. This helps the prospect evaluate the goodness of the product, and to ascertain if the product is actually beneficial for him.

The basis of a successful online business is trust, and it is sometimes difficult to gain confidence with the client. The lead capture page makes this easier for you. It helps you to hold the prospect for sometime without him/her navigating away from your site; it talks to him about his problems, and provides him a solution to alleviate his troubles. In doing all these things, the confidence level of the guest increases. Moreover, by displaying such things as security icons (VeriSign) and testimonials in appropriate places, you can further build a good rapport with your prospective customer.

At this time, you may be wondering if all this can be done through a website. What is the need of a lead capture page? Well, if you bring your buyers directly to your company website, it is quite possible that they might get confused while navigating around. They might not be able to find what they are looking for and leave your site without making that needed purchase. Yet an additional possibility is they might find some other interesting product, and move from your site in search of more information. Thus, the prospect visited your location, but did not take any action. In nutshell, your entire SEO campaign failed.

A landing page helps you to be in command of your SEO campaign completely. It allows you to wholly showcase the product that you want to sell. You get an opening to familiarize the prospect with the diverse aspects of the product. The guest, on the other hand, gets all the vital information, including special offers and discounts, about the product in one place. Furthermore, the lead capture page should not have any navigational links, allowing the prospect to remain focused and not to wander away. It is surely easy to convince a knowledgeable prospect to buy the product from such a page.

The search engines today are accountable for almost 90% of the traffic to a site. A well-built landing page has the potential to capture all this traffic and make your online business venture booming.

Gagandeep Singh, is a Freelance Writer who writes on Landing Page Optimization and Internet Marketing.

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