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Transposh – Adding Translation to Wordpress

Dec 09 2009


Transposh – Adding Translation to Wordpress

If you run a Wordpress blog then it makes sense to offer translation services when your content is not specific to one country. By adding language translation with a Wordpress plug-in like Transposh, you can increase the traffic to your site and have pages translated automatically for free. There are a number of translation plug-ins available but I selected Transposh for it’s ease of use and good reviews.

The plug-in is available from in their extends area. Therefore you can install the plug-in without downloading it within the admin console for Wordpress. You can also obtain a copy from the developers at At the developer’s site you will see the widget being used and can translate their page into one of 40 different languages.

Once installed, read through the settings and make your selections. I am allowing anonymous users to translate on my blogs for the most benefit for readers. There aren’t too many settings and it only takes a couple of minutes to setup. I would like to have a select all feature for the languages to support, but selecting the 40 available doesn’t take too long.

My site shows how I have setup the plug-in in one case. Getting the widget to appear on the site is the final step. This involves dragging the Transposh widget from the available list to one of the side panels and making three additional setting selections. I think it is worth the time to provide this feature to readers that arrive from foreign search engines.

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