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Get Hordes of Free Website Traffic by Offering Coupons

Jan 25 2010

Get Hordes of Free Website Traffic by Offering Coupons

Because of tough economic conditions, consumers are on a constant lookout for companies who will help them save money. You can help people save money without putting your business profit on the line. A good option is to offer coupons to potential customers.

Coupons are not new to us. We use them to buy goods at the grocery stores. Retail shops offer special promos and discounts as an “ethical bribe” to get you to buy from them. Likewise, online stores can use this advantage by making coupons available to lower the total price during checkout.

Do you know that coupons can singlehandedly increase your website traffic and conversion rate in no time? When people find out that you are offering cool discounts, they will check you out and possibly spread the news via word of mouth. Add some excellent, sales driven content on your website and you leave your visitors no choice but to buy from you.

If you have already established a mailing list with lots of subscribers, you can simple send out a broadcast email that lets them know about your discount coupons. Create a new page on your website where privileged members of your newsletter can enter their coupon codes.

With the help of website integration experts, you can setup your order page by integrating your shopping card with specific coupon codes. Once customers type the correct coupon codes on your order page, the discount is automatically deducted from the price of the item. After a customer has successfully bought a discounted product from you, they are more likely to share the same coupon code to their friends and associates. This is where your sales start to skyrocket like crazy.

How to Setup Your Discount Coupons

If you want to setup an order page with complete discount coupon functionality, all you have to do is to look at the type of shopping cart, of course. Usually, your shopping cart provider knows how to handle coupon code integration, but sometimes you may need to use a third-party service.

Be creative and use coupons for various offers and occasions. Either way, your sales and traffic will increase, provided that you’re selling a product with real marketable value. If you’re in the golf playing niche, give away a free golf e-book or instructional kit for every golf club purchase made on your site. Or, you may choose to offer a 15% to 20% discount on all items in your online store for a limited time. There are countless ways to use discounts and coupon codes to increase traffic and sales. All you have to do is to be generous and creative.

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