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Maximize Your Promotional Efforts by Sending Out Press Releases

Jan 29 2010

Maximize Your Promotional Efforts by Sending Out Press Releases

If you want your target market to become updated about what’s happening in your business, often you have to broadcast it to the general public. Writing and sending out press releases is one of the best ways to gain massive exposure for your website.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is nothing more than an announcement. You can see lots of them in the online and offline business world. If you run an online marketing business, then it naturally follows that you should write press releases for Internet readers. All you do is to share any exciting development or update you have in your business. By spreading good news, you will also be able to promote your business website.

Usually, a press release doesn’t go longer than a single page. It must highlight a recent big event, rumor, news, or buzz that’s relevant to your business. As soon as your website is live, start the traffic rolling by sending out one or two press releases to let the Internet crowd know about your existence. It is best to write a press release in product or website launches, and in advertising promo offers.

Helpful Guidelines for Crafting a Winning Press Release

As mentioned earlier, press releases are much more effective if their length is limited to one page only. If you write anything beyond that length, you risk the possibility of boring your readers. Remember, the attention span of people is much shorter nowadays, so make sure to catch their interest as quickly as possible.

To write an information packed, exciting press release takes some degree of effort and concentration. Here are a few important elements for writing press releases:

  • Create an attention grabbing headline which is rich with keywords
  • State the vital details (who, where, what, when, how, etc.)
  • Main points should be bulleted for easier reading

Headlines give readers an idea of what the press release is all about. If your headline is effective, they will naturally want to click on your press release to read more. Inserting competitive keywords in your press release headlines will also increase the likelihood that your content will rank in the search engines. This means a huge surge of traffic for you.

In a colloquial way, state the detailed facts in the press release body. You can start by connecting a real life experience of yours, or link your press release to a legitimate event with an expected attendance. Make the announcement as grand and inviting as it can be, because its primary goal is to gain attention from the crowd. Of course, don’t forget to include the link to your website at the bottom of each press release.

Here are some website that will let you submit press releases and make it available to your target crowd:


These websites distribute your press release to hundreds of news partners, primary search engines, and other important platforms to increase your website traffic.

Writing press releases is a terrific way to gain attention from the Internet audience. Knowing how to craft a winning press release is even better. It will give your business massive results and give you more profit in return.

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