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The Keyword Academy Offers Tools & Training For Niche Selection

Apr 22 2010

Niche Refinery

The Keyword Academy Offers Tools & Training For Niche Selection

If you are a premium subscriber of The Keyword Academy, you get a number of tools including the PostRunner Guest Posting tool that I mentioned in an earlier post. Another nice tool available to subscribers is the Niche Refinery. The Niche Refinery along with the sites webinar materials offer the tools and training to select a niche that can make you money and draw in traffic.

The process begins with the selection of a niche that you feel you would like to develop a site around. Selecting keywords is the second step which requires the use of Google search, search recommended keywords, and the Google Keyword Tool. From the Google Keyword Tool you can export the keywords that Google finds within your niche. This is all explained in the webinars that are available from The Keyword Academy.

The Niche Refinery then takes the exported keywords and imports them. The process is quite simple and the results are generally available within a day. The Refinery compares the potential of Google Adsense for each keyword and the competition for each keyword in the Google search rankings. Then scores this combined rating and provides a number of keywords that it finds to be profitable and within reach of achieving decent search rankings. After that the rest is up to you to build the site and develop the content around the keywords the Refiney has selected.

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