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Site 404 Errors being Grabbed by MyBrowserBar

May 01 2010

Site 404 Errors being Grabbed by MyBrowserBar

It's only slightly annoying when you are working on a website page and the page comes up with a 404 error when you click on a link. Even worse is when Yahoo! Search grabs the 404 error and redirects you to a custom Yahoo! 404 page with advertisements and links to other sites. The issue is that I really want to see what the link is on my site that is not available. And furthermore, my site has its own custom 404 Error page  making the Yahoo! Search error page not required. I wish I could block this for all users that come to my sites but it appears to be an installed system based search setting that needs to be modified on each individuals computer.

By clicking on 'Search Settings' at the bottom on the MyBrowserBar (Yahoo! Search) 404 error page, I was able to find instructions from MyBrowserBar to remove this unwanted functionality. The instructions are to open the Control Panel (Windows) and Uninstall Programs. Find a program called 'Search Settings' and remove it from your system. I had a program called 'Search Settings v1.2.3' from Spigot Inc. How did this program get installed on my system? From what is reported on the homepage of, it appears that the Yahoo! Browser Bar provides this great feature without telling anyone that it is going to provide it. But a search of Google also reports that this application is Malware and might be coming from a different source.

Following the instructions from MyBrowserBar has now allowed my custom 404 pages to remain active without redirection and I am back to developing my latest site.

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