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How Does Flash Video Play on a Web Site?

May 21 2010

Code is also embedded in the FLV file by Dreamweaver that will detect whether or not the visitor’s operating system has the version of Flash Player that is required to see the video. Flash Player is free to download, and the user needs it in order to see the video. Then, if the user has an incorrect version, the web page will show alternative content and prompt the visitor with instructions on how to download the correct version.

There are a couple of ways to have an embed flv in html display on your site. Progressive download is a traditional method that transmits the file to a site visitor’s hard drive and then plays it. Using progressive download allows the file to start playing before the download is complete.  Streaming Video plays the FLV file after a short buffer period and allows for a smoother play back.  The only requirement to get streaming video on your web page is access to Adobe Flash Media Server.

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