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HelloTxt, Ping.Fm and PixelPipe

Oct 01 2010

My final solution for the time being involved a spreadsheet with all four services and all the social networks that I have accounts with. Then I selected a bookmarking service that I wanted to use for each of the networks from the four. HelloTxt is my favorite so they are bookmarking to most of the services., PixelPipe, and Onlywire each contained some unique networks, and therefore they now bookmark, blog, and do status updates to the networks that they service uniquely.

The last step that I have not solved to this point is automatically sending blog posts to the services. Onlywire has a Wordpress plugin as do HelloTxt and Ping.Fm. I have used the Onlywire for some time and have considered installing both the HelloTxt plugin and the plugin, but thought there might be some method that posted to them all.

Email submission was the solution that I tried using Subscribe2. Every time a new post was published, Subscribe2 sent an email to three users that corresponded to the email submission addresses of the services. Only problem was that all three services did not post the emails that came from the websites. I will update this article in the future when I determine the best and cleanest solution.

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