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Five Technologies You Need to Run a Successful Business

Jan 25 2011

One: Web Conferencing

There is no need to travel half way around the world to have a conference anymore. Instead, everything you need to do could be at the tip of your fingers via web conferencing services. The plus side about this technology is that you basically don’t need to buy anything new; all you need to hold meetings is a computer with an Internet connection, a web conferencing solution, and either a phone line or computer speakers to hear the presenter.

This type of communication gives professionals flexibility, and can be used for large group meeting or a quick one-on-one. In most cases, web conferencing will be cheaper than a plane ticket. Microsoft icon Bill Gates once remarked that web conferencing saved his company over $40 million in travel costs in one year.

Just imagine how web conferencing could benefit your time and budget this year.

Two: Phone Systems

Purchasing the best phone system for your company is not something that should be taken lightly. Instead, you should be taking advantage of all the advancements in phone system technology. For example, today’s business phone systems will do more than just connect you to a contact across the line. Instead, the various phone systems on the market can connect you in the best possible way.

If your company has more than 40 employees, PBX systems are the way to go. If your company has 5 to 40 employees, key systems are the best choice. If your company has fewer than 10 employees, KSU-less systems are a better option. And if your company requires a lot of traveling and long distance phone calls, you should definitely look into VoIP phone systems, which route your internal calls over data networks, instead of traditional phone lines.

Three: Office Laptops

When you are the CEO or department manager, you often have to take work home with you. Instead of saving everything on a thumb drive or sending work to yourself via email, it is much easier to pick up your laptop and head out the door.

Laptops allow you more freedom to do work when you want to and where you want to. This is essential to any business where you are often moving between locations, offices and conference rooms. Make your business life easier and accessibility broader by purchasing you and your top employees office laptops.

Four: Projectors

Meetings and presentations play a big part in both starting up a business and helping one progress. Even if you do all the research, use the best transitions, and find great graphics you are still at the mercy of your projector’s technology.

So remember to “choose wisely.”

There are so many projector types, styles and models to choose from: video projectors, LCD and DLP projection systems, portable projectors, conference room projectors etc. Selecting one may be stressful, but having one will be beneficial.

Five: Double Monitors

Two monitors are better than one because they help keep business professionals productive. According to a study done by Jon Peddie Research, productivity increases an average of 42% when professional use multiple displays. This is because having two monitors will allow you to accomplish more at one time.

Furthermore, if you are starting up your own business, you will be on the phone a lot discussing important information. Instead of constantly minimizing windows or switching back and forth, it would be easier to navigate around your desktop by having the information up and accessible on multiple screens. Double monitors will make your life easier and your business run better.

These technologies are great steps towards making your business grow this year. Each will contribute to the overall success of your businesses.

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