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Web Developers: On Being a Beginner

Apr 27 2011

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I’ve known many web designers who started giving free service before they made it big. In a profession where everyone (including non-design degree holders) can be a web designer, launching a career to achieve a far-fetched dream always begins with a rough start. It’s hard to break into an industry full of portfolio-armed designers, especially if you’re a beginner.

There is nothing wrong with pro bono or being cheap, it is just the start

The problem with new web designers is they find it hard to wean off from the reality that not all web designers are rock stars. So they charge as if it’s the end of their career, as if it is a crime to put service first than anything else. If you are just new in the business, there is nothing wrong with pro bono and selling your service for a cheap price. A starter is not always a beginner, time will come when you’ll get what you really want. Concentrate on your portfolio first, and not with the income. Portfolio means a collection of real and existing web design jobs for a client and not just an imaginary websites drawn on a piece of paper.

Join forums and do not stop learning

Kids are luckier today for having the Web as a training ground for their blossoming dreams. In earlier times, searching for a group with same interests was as hard as nailing for a first project. There were no online groups then, and all there was to do that time was to force one’s way to a costly design school just to be with people with the same passion. I envy the kids today because they have things like forums and blogs where they can learn and hone their talents as developers.

Forums and blog discussions are perfect places to meet possible clients and prospects. So, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone- learning and building connections.

Start small

Pride is only for those who have already created a good name for themselves. Why pick customers when you have nothing to brag about? If you are a beginner, do not hesitate to approach your friends who need a website for their academic projects or small online businesses. Start with the mundane projects and slowly climb the ladder.

A portfolio of ten is enough

Do not push yourself too much in saving hundreds of finished works for your portfolio. Ten is enough, and it’s flashy enough to attract clients.

In contrary to the stark reality, not all web developers are in poverty. It is just that most of them want a shiny start (big income, popularity) and fail without even achieving success. Have a slow start, do not stop learning, and establish a good portfolio, while building a healthy relationship with your clients.

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