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May 02 2012

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For every small business owner, having a website is a great asset to the rest of your endeavors, whatever they may be, and in order to make the most of all of your resources, you must do what you can to keep each arm of your business operating at its highest potential. In the old days, it was much easier, simply having to make sure that your shop was clean and you had a smile on your face when people walked in, but nowadays it is far more complicated than that.

Know What To Expect

When it comes to the upkeep of your business, you have to invest in an infrastructure that can support the number of people you expect to visit your site, and then some. You need to ensure that all of your pages are loading correctly, that all links connect to their proper destinations, and that the whole experience is smooth and seamless, giving your visitors nothing to complain about.

With people's attention spans getting shorter and their expectations getting higher all the time, you have to go out of your way to make sure that all of their expectations are met, along with the things they may not even realize they ask for. Regular web site maintenance, paired with SOASTA load testing, can be a great help to you, keeping you aware of issues that may arise even before they become apparent.

And One More Thing

The last thing you want is to be caught unaware of problems occurring on your site, and have your customers notice before you do, but by being proactive and regularly maintaining your site, you can avoid most any issue that may affect you. Even if you have a mobile application for your business as well, there are always things you can do to maintain the consistency that your visitors require.

You can even monitor your mobile site just as easily as your web site, making use of mobile application testing with TouchTest Technology and providing the same level of reliability that you need to keep your business flourishing in all of its many forms. Do your best to stay one step ahead and work to ensure that your customers never get anything but the most reliable and stable experience while on your site, and if you are able to maintain this level of performance, then you will surely reap the benefits in all of your endeavors.


SOASTA provides a load test software that can help you test your website load speed. Mobile application testing software with TouchTest™ Technology will allow you to compare and analyze the data in real-time so that you can locate and solve the problems asap.

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