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Microsoft’s XBox SDK Leaked Online


The Xbox Live network went down over Christmas when a DDos (distributed denial of service) attack was launched against it. Now before the end of the year, hackers from the group H4LT have put the Xbox SDK (software development kit) on the internet for anyone to download. With a tweet @notHALT, the group linked to the DSK which will allow anyone to develop games for the platform. The company does not openly give the development kit away. And developers will not be able to put their creations with the kit in Microsoft owned store fronts but the release of the kit opens up for an open source store front to emerge.

Software developers that work directly with Microsoft on game development are given the SDK. Giving it away could provide for a number of applications and modifications to the platform through rogue software programs. The hackers released the software to give the world more creative solutions on Microsoft’s game console. But could only provide for hackers to find holes in the console to exploit at later dates.

Xbox One Hacking & Modding News: notHALT Leaks Xbox One SDK!

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