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Adding NoFollow To All External Links

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The Nofollow link tag used to mean that you did not trust a link and therefore didn’t want Google to count the link or follow it when the search bot arrive on your page. But have times changed? Google recently came after any site that ever posted a link from by first reducing their page rank and then removing them from the search engine rankings. At first, comments were to be nofollowed. Then it was paid links. And now it seems that every link that points to an external site needs to be Nofollow or you site will be penalized. What is a blogger to do?

Google used to encourage links to your site as a way to show that you have produce quality content that others are willing to link to. But recently that webmaster guideline has changed to encourage bloggers to only create quality content, not worrying about links coming in. Great, but what about all the pages that followed the old guidelines when they were created? Why are those pages/sites now subject to new guidelines.

It seems that today you cannot link out to any site unless they are a major brand, and therefore all the small website owners cannot be trusted. This seems to be the current guideline and any guest post that you post or submit can only contain NoFollow links.

What is Google's view on guest blogging for links?
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