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Significance of Klout

Klout widgets

Klout widgets (Photo credit: Philippe Martin)

Nowadays, a number of companies are becoming familiar with Klout so as to find out their customers details. The basic purpose of such a service is to evaluate an individual’s score in the social media world, prior to hiring her/him for the job. Such a score card can be used in many other ways. For instance, a hotel becomes a member of Klout so as to find about their customer’s social media influence. It is a fact that, klout has turned the manner by which people employ their profiles of social media. Klout scores enable employers to see a different side of an employee and it helps the employer in making a good decision, such a decision was impossible when the conventional form of selection used to take place. Of course this only really applies to social media positions.

Scores in Klout are emerging as a significant part of the process of recruitment. If a person has the required experience and skills for the job, you may also need to find out if the person’s social media profile is good enough or not. 

Klout Algorithm’s Simplification

If you have created your Klout account, you need to select the social media profile with which you want to be connected. From around 12 social networking sites, Klout extracts the data. Once, your profile has been set up, Klout will keep an eye on each and very activity of the user to come up with the following points:

Connectivity: Klout will check your connectivity with your friends and will constitute an essential part of the overall score.

Reach: In this reading, Klout will check how many people have liked your re-tweets and posts etc.

Power of influence: The power of influencing of the one who comments, shares and likes your posts.

Klout at the end will consolidate the scoring of all the three metrics and will give a final score. Such a score would influence the decisions taken by the recruiters in finding the right social media candidate for a job.

But a debate is ongoing, whether to have Klout or not these days. The validity of Klout has been questioned. As a survey has revealed that some people like the service and some people do not. Nevertheless, companies who keep an eye on social media welcome Klout with a smile. If a company considers the scores within Klout, they are able to pick candidates who are well qualified and have social media expertise. In this age where all of us spend a lot of time in social networking sites, it is imperative to have some Klout.

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