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Samsung's Global Developers Conference

English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo

English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Samsung's Global Developers Conference

Samsung's Global Developers Conference will take place on October 27-29 in San Francisco. This event will be a major step forward for the company, especially in light of its new goal of building a complete software community around its already ubiquitous hardware. The company's conference will shift its focus to software developers, allowing both the brand itself and new developers a chance to give the company more exposure in a crowded smartphone market and to find new and innovative ways to do business in a rapidly changing electronic space.

The goal of this global developer's conference is to succeed where others companies have failed by attracting new developers to Samsung's line of products. In fact, Samsung's aim is to create an environment where the developers can come together, create new ideas and find ways to elevate their brand to a new level. Though the manufacturer's phones are just a few of the many that carry the Android branding, the conference seeks to allow Samsung a chance to become the leading provider under that mobile brand - a position that has become far more precarious since Google launched its nexus brand.

At the end of the day, the conference is also a show of independence. Though Samsung is not necessarily moving away from its alliance with Google and the Android branding, the Global Developers Conference is a show of strength that should attract potential developers and give the company a chance to stand on its own footing. Whether or not Samsung will find success is uncertain, but the developer's conference is a step in the right direction.

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