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Comment Regularly On Blogs and Forums

Comment Regularly On Blogs and Forums

It is possible for anyone to spend a great deal of time online. If you have an online business, or if you do any sort of online promotions, then you’re probably spending majority of your time on the internet. While at it, why not make the most out of your time to maximize your profits and results?

The importance of building long term relationships with customers cannot be overemphasized. In fact, establishing relationships with your customers is the key to stay and succeed in business. People who feel a strong connection towards you and your company will buy from you repeatedly over long periods of time. That’s why, even from the start, you must work at building rapport with potential consumers.

One of the best ways to do this online is to post comments regularly in blogs and forums. When in one of those community sites, don’t just be a bystander and watch things happen. Show others that you’re involved and that you’re an active participant in the discussions. You’ll be surprised at how many likeminded people you will meet.


Blogs can be very entertaining, because you ca get regular updates and interact with people who share your interests. You can submit comments regarding new posts, read other blogs, and reply to them as well. Usually, doing this will lead to a communication with the blog owner.

What are the blogs that you visit regularly? Do you have favorite blogs that other entrepreneurs suggested to you? Give credit to the one who invited you to that particular blog my mentioning his or her name in your first few comments. If you are following lots of blogs and can’t easily keep up with them, you can subscribe to their RSS feeds so you can quickly and automatically see real-time updates through those feeds.

Each time you receive updates, do not ignore them. Take a look at other people’s new posts and comment if you see anything that interests you. By commenting, you show to the owner of the blog and other readers that you actually took the time to read the post thoughtfully.

Don’t simply say “Hi”, or “Great post!” It shows that you did not really read the blog. At worst, your comment will be regarded as insincere and will not be taken seriously. It is much better to provide quality comments that add value to the content. Contribute additional information, or ask a thought provoking question.

Commenting regularly on other people’s blogs may provide an avenue for you to advertise your website for free. For example, some people may notice you and invite you to write a guest post on their blog. You are then allowed to post your website link on other sites when you become a guest blogger.


Business related forums can provide you with helpful information on how to succeed in your business, get more customers, and gain more profit. The forum is actually a mutually beneficial place for everyone. Notice that I said “everyone”. If you enter a professional forum and start doing some selfish acts like posting blatant ads, spamming users with ads, and recommending your products, you might end up getting banned.

Behave in forums the way you are expected to. You can comment on as many threads as possible, as long as your comment is relevant and adds value to the discussions. Share some advice and get advice as well. Post content links whenever it is appropriate. Be friendly.

Don’t forget to use a signature line to promote your site. This signature automatically appears at the bottom of each comment you post, and can be edited in your user account in the forum. Readers who like and trust you will often click on your website link found in your signature. Some of them will buy from you, while others will give helpful hints on how to improve your site.

By being a constant commenter in blogs and forums, you gain exposure and involvement with your target crowd. As you gradually build your reputation in those online platforms, people also get to see your website and even refer it to other people they know.

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