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John Carlton’s Easy Writing System (Express)


John Carlton’s Easy Writing System (Express)

I got an email today from Shoemoney about a copywriting expert called John Carlton. He’s a big name in the field according to Jeremy. John has a new program coming out called the Easy Writing System and according to the email, his material will help anyone writer great sales copy and sell all kinds of things online. And the really good news is that there is an Express program offered for free this week leading up to the release of the full program. Take a look here.

All you have to do is provide a valid email address and John will begin to send you the Express course as it is available this week. The first lesson that you will receive is the Bar Conversation. The course will demonstrate a short cut to being a conversation with the target market that  you have selected for your affiliate site or blog.

In addition to the courses you’ll gain access to their member’s area were you can post your material and get feedback from instructors in John’s group. This kind of one-on-one is provided to show you the kind of mentoring and help you will receive when you become a full member of the Easy Writing System.

I just got the first course and it is a pretty good video course on the Bar Conversation or the Coffee Shop conversation as John also refers to it. The course describes understanding your prospect and finding his sweat spot of need. The question is, what would your prospect say when you ask them “What is wrong?”. John wants everyone to describe the needs of their prospects and then allow his staff to review  your copy to improve it and make additions.

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