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Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo Video is Worth Your Time

The video is about his new product Traffic Launcher and he wants you to enter your email address prior to seeing the free introduction video. Sometimes Google indexes affiliate websites and you can get around the email entry screen if you begin to get too many affiliate launch emails. Just a little tip.

He is an accomplished affiliate for many other online products and uses his Traffic Launcher system to drive traffic to other people’s offers. Amish claims that Jeff made over $250,000 promoting the Magic Bullet System product launch just recently. He discusses sending traffic to offers just to help out friends even though he can make more money sending traffic to Adsense pages.

Some of the tips in the video include selecting a top product to promote, adding on your own bonus products, building sites to funnel traffic to the main money site, building an email list, adding posts to feeder sites, getting links to feeder sites, using YouTube to get traffic and using TubeMogul. This is just the summary from his Traffic Launcher Map. Watch the video for more detailed information.

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