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Making Money with ShareCash

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Making Money with ShareCash

Time and time again people have asked me whether Sharecash is legitimate. Yes, the site is new but it is not a scam and today I am going to review Sharecash and prove that you can make money from this site.

I joined Sharecash just two months ago because I wanted to know what Sharecash was all about. Well let me tell you it is easy understand, you upload your unique files and you allow others to download them. Then ShareCash pay you somewhere around 60% when someone downloads your file.

Obviously ShareCash have to make money too and they are able to make their share by asking the person who downloads the file to fill in a short survey. The survey company pay ShareCash and they pay you, so everyone is happy.

So is ShareCash a Legit site?
I have earned money and ShareCash have paid me so it is definitely a legitimate site.

In my first two weeks as a member of ShareCash I earned $30 and these earnings came from uploading just one file. I found different ways of attracting people to download my files and in no time at all I had made $137!This only goes to prove that you can earn money with ShareCash.

So now you want to know how ShareCash pay their members.
The answer is simple, ShareCash pay via Check, Wire Transfer, PayPal, ePassporte or Western Union.

If you want to earn money with ShareCash then follow these three easy steps: Register, Upload and Earn Money.

Take a look at some of the most profitable files that you can upload:
Share your Flash Movies on ShareCash.
Make your own flash games and share them with others.
Make a game trainer and share it with other ShareCash users.
Create a user guide and share it on the site.

Think about different files that you could share and be creative, forward thinkers can make a lot of money on ShareCash.

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