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GoDaddy Is Full Functional With Afternic

Sep 15 2014

Did you hear that GoDaddy is now full functional with Afternic? This comes after almost a year since GoDaddy has acquired them, and this means people who sell domains with fixed prices will enjoy fast transfer, as GoDaddy will be integrated with Afternic as a Fast Transfer partner.


This means that investors who invest in domain names will get more exposure, if the name/names were listed with Afternic at the premium level. When someone searches for the domain name, then they will see your name and they will be able to purchase it. The domain will then be transferred to their account.

Startup Funding From ZipRecruiter Gives Hope To Cash Strapped Men And Women

Sep 04 2014

Startup funding has given ZipRecruiter an opportunity to help everyone earn an honest living online. After already possessing over 20 years in human resources, the startup funding ZipRecruiter earned became designated for a new business structure. The goal was to make HR easier for individuals and struggling companies. Immediate employees would be tinkering away at ZipRecruiter's main headquarters while everyone else would be able to access the company's services through the Internet.

The Reason Amazon Bought Twitch

Aug 27 2014
Deutsch: Logo von

Deutsch: Logo von (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazon bought Twitch at a price of more than $1.1 billion, which includes cash of $970 million. So, what does Amazon get for all of this money?

Two things: They'll get a deeply engaged video audience as well as a media company that is already making money in a very unconventional way.

As for the viewers, Amazon knows the audience for live streaming video games is very large and growing. Twitch viewers, in 2013, watched an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes per day on the site.

Currently Amazon spends over a billion dollars each year for its video content; however, Twitch obtains all of its content absolutely free. Clearly the fact that there is already a hefty profit being made by Twitch is certainly interesting. We estimate that Twitch is already making in excess of $72 million on its run rate.

GoDaddy Acquires Mad Mimi And Beefs Up It's Marketing

Aug 22 2014

GoDaddy Hosting has sealed the deal and acquired the email marketing company named Mad Mimi. The bold move was made to give GoDaddy a better strategy to market itself towards small businesses, and to give it a better foothold in the area of email marketing. Until now this was an area in which the company was lacking any real presence.

Mad Mimi is well known in the area of customer service, which GoDaddy wants to capitalize on and bring to it's own small business clients. GoDaddy's SVP of Business Applications, Steven Aldrich, says they will now incorporate Mad Mimi's technology into the fold, replacing the old "Easy Email Marketing" program which it had in place up to this point. Exact terms of the deal are still not public, but although Mad Mimi was profitable, it was limited in terms of it's funding.


Aug 12 2014
Game Developers Conference Entrace

Game Developers Conference Entrace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gamasutra: The worlds leading game development event runs between August 11-13 2014. This is the sixth year running in Cologne GDC Europe. Developers from all over the world come to this event for the latest and greatest development inspiration and education in the world.

Attendees can choose from over 80 instructional classes in Business, Marketing, Management, Design, Production, Programming and Visual Arts. By attending this spectacular event you will learn the most up to date information on a wide range of topics related to the gaming industry.

The next week, August 13-17 featuring the leading entertainment interactive trade show will have 130 of the speakers both national and international and hundreds of press and industry exhibitor and sponsors.

GoDaddy Hosting Is Evolving Even More

Aug 07 2014
Danica Patrick, Turn 1 - Team Andretti GoDaddy...

Danica Patrick, Turn 1 - Team Andretti GoDaddy Powered by Honda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For general registration, the.CLUB Domain Name extensions are now available.

GoDaddy is among the world's largest providers of technology who are aimed at small business. They help customers acquire the right name to give their businesses. Today they offer a couple of their newest top level generic domains - gTLD and .CLUB. The .CLUB domain translates across various languages. This extensions is immediately recognizable and carries good market value to brand names across the globe.

Godaddy Hosting Aims For Market Domination

Jul 31 2014
Go Daddy

Go Daddy (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

Following its' Acquisition of Three Local Start up Companies, GoDaddy Will Launch a new Office in Cambridge Shortly

It's official: GoDaddy Hosting is arriving in Boston. In the wake of its' purchase of several local start up firms over the past year, the domain vendor behemoth is introducing an office in Kendall Square in August. To mark this occasion, GoDaddy are hosting a big party on Wednesday, 30th July, which is free to attend.

GoDaddy has its' headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. It is the most recent big and established technology firm to claim Hub space. For a long time now, Google has had a presence in the center of Cambridge. Also, Apple and Amazon are within the vicinity, at the Innovation Center in Cambridge. Nonetheless, they are characteristically subtle. In recent times, Facebook stated that it would return social media to its' place of origin. Next, during March of this year, Twitter publicly opened its' East and West Coast HQ. On Tuesday, Teradata (the data analytics firm) stated that it would use Cambridge as its' primary base for development and research.

Save It And Read-It-Later On Facebook

Jul 22 2014
Illustration of Facebook mobile interface

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook has Introduced a Read-It-Later List for Media Pages, Places and Links

Just two years ago Facebook acquired Spool, the innovative Read-It-Later startup. Today, the social media giants have added a Read-It-Later button to their site, but will it put mounting pressure on rivals Pocket and Instapaper? The Read-It-Later feature is a program designed for the web, IOS and Android, it enables readers to save links to listen to them later.

So, what type of links can be saved? Facebook fans who choose to use the Read-It-Later button can store Facebook page links for events, TV shows and movies. Site members can also store their favorite music and latest news feeds to read them later.

Google Development Includes Its Modular Smart Phone Project

Jul 16 2014
English: HTC Touch Pro2

English: HTC Touch Pro2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reality of Google's modular smartphone is getting closer every day. In fact, Google is now looking for a handful of developers with exceptional ideas and vision for the Project Ara. Developers must apply directly to the program and a few lucky individuals will be selected by Google and given early access to the modules used in powering this innovative new smartphone.

Prospective developers can apply to this program up to July 18th. The early hardware is scheduled to be shipped by the end of July. Then, the following month, Google will choose another group of developers who will also receive the kit.

Google Domains To Be Available Soon

Jul 01 2014
Google for Domains

Google for Domains (Photo credit: Paul Watson)

Aside from popular web hosts like Godaddy Hosting, website owners will soon have a new option for their hosted sites: Google Domains. The service will soon start selling domains and launching a web hosting package tailored to the needs of small business owners. Google's small business department recently uncovered the fact that up to 55% of small independent businesses still don't have a website. Google has identified this need and has taken the initiative to provide these business owners the tools they need to get started.

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