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The Costs of Content Management Systems For Your Website

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Notwithstanding the importance of a CMS there is a concern for the costs of content management systems that are brought along with their incorporation and usage. There is no doubt about the relevant importance and usefulness which is available. This also brings in carful and speculated selections as the costs and expenses that are a part of it is also huge. There are several established companies in the industry that have proprietary systems available for installation. These are specific designs that are a part of the software packages available for a particular type of industry; there are further personalized usages that can be incorporated when t is used for a company.

How to Set up a Wordpress Blog for your Business

If you run a small business or any enterprise for that matter, you need a website. We're well into the 21st century by now and current and future clients and customers expect you to have some kind of web presence. A decade ago, you'd need to hire a web developer to take care of this for you. Thankfully, that's no longer the case and anyone can set up a simple website with a Content Management System. The most popular CMS for blogs and websites is Wordpress. It's easy to install and configure, and the whole process can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

5 Awesome WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should Have

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WordPress is blog publishing software that is used by many bloggers due to its features and no cost. One of the features that make WordPress so popular is the plugins features, which allow bloggers to add more functions to their blog for them and their readers to use. Whether you are a new or experienced WordPress blogger, here are 5 awesome WordPress plugins that you should consider adding to your blog.

Is Drupal 7 Better Than Wordpress for Managing Content?


There has been a constant battle between these two names in the web development industry since the beginning. Each of them has come with different solutions that revolutionized the creation of websites. But the main fact still stands: these are two most liked by users everywhere, and they respond to users’ needs accordingly.

PHP Image Sitemap and Wordpress RSS Feed Advance

PHP Image Sitemap and Wordpress RSS Feed Advance

I discovered two very nice additions to any Wordpress site this week, a PHP Image Sitemap and a plugin called Advance Excerpt. The PHP Image Sitemap was developed by Eric Nagel who hosts the Pod Cast ‘Two Sides of the Track’ on The code is presented on this page, and following the instructions is easy and quickly accomplished. By creating a file in the root of any Wordpress website, pasting the code into the file, and submitting the file location to Google, you can have your images indexed by Google. Offers Free eMail Marketing Accounts

Mail Chimp Free Service Offers Free eMail Marketing Accounts

If you are involved in affiliate marketing, then creating a email list of website members has become one of the most popular ways to sell products and promote new programs that become available within the niche of your site. Many suggest using a paid option such as AWeber, GetRepoonse, or Constant Contact. But after seeing different popular services in WebSite Magazine, I selected the free service from

iDrive for Wordpress is a Worth a Look

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iDrive for Wordpress is a Worth a Look

I recently came across a post on Weblog Tools Collection about a new plugin for Wordpress from iDrive. The cloud storage solution company is providing a free service to Wordpress owners to backup their site files along with their database files, up to 2 GB, for free. Install the plugin from the site and you have a great backup and recovery strategy that works entirely behind the scenes.

Wordpress WP Super Cache And W3 Total Cache Plug-ins

Wordpress WP Super Cache And W3 Total Cache Plug-ins

I recently ran into some performance issues with Wordpress sites hosted by Hostgator. This is definitely not a recommendation for Hostgator as their support is poor but I would like to recommend a Wordpress Cache solution that has performed well for me. By using a combination of WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache Plug-ins, my sites are loading quickly and performing better than they have in the past.

Making Sure Comments are Unique


Making Sure Comments are Unique

As a site owner, we all the importance of keeping the content on our sites unique so to not devalue our site's ranking in the search engines. There are a number of tools to check the uniqueness of content including CopyScape, Plagium, and CopyGator. I personally like to use Plagium for content that has not yet been published and CopyScape for content that is available online. But what if your comments aren't unique. Probably not as serious as the content itself but still not something desired. If someone posts the same comments on 10 different sites, do you want the same comment posted on your site? No, because it more than likely is relative nor does it add any value to your article. But how do you know if comments are unique?

Placing and Receiving Guests Posts

Placing and Receiving Guests Posts

Getting back links to your site is one of the most important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tasks, or so you may have heard. And a popular way to get quality back links is to guest post on blogs other than your own. You can find a blog that is more popular than yours, contact the owner of the blog in any number of ways, write some good quality content, and deliver the content with a number of links to the blog owner. Sometimes some negotiation is required to determine the content you will write for the site. And sometimes the blog owner will not be interested in placing guest posts on their site.

Two services are now available to assist bloggers in placing guest posts and in obtaining guest posts. Cathy Stucker operates the Blogger Linkup which is a daily email comprised of available guest posts and sites looking for guest posts. The service is fairly hands-off as you will need to contact the site owners listed and handle the normal guest posting details described above. Getting your information into the email newsletter can be accomplished through Cathy’s website. It’s nice to have a service that takes you one step closer to completing a guest post like this one.

If you are looking for a service that nearly completes the entire guest posting process for you, than The Keyword Academy’s Guest Posting System is what you are looking for. You will need to join the sites Pro membership group to use the service, but your first month costs only one dollar while subsequent months are close to thirty dollars. This service works with Wordpress blogs to collect guest posts, check them for several important qualities, distribute them, and approve them. You can be a site publishing guests posts by installing a plug-in or you can be a guest poster, by adding content to their custom interface. Take a look at their documentation for more details.

Either service, or both services are great to use just make sure you double-check the content before you publish it and produce good content if you are going to be a guest poster.

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