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Improve Your Productivity With These Mobile Apps

Sep 16 2015



One of the most useful productivity apps, Freedom helps you to focus more at work by closing down certain potentially distracting websites, allowing you to focus on work. You can choose which websites you don't want to see, and you can also control the length of time the sites are blocked off for, or even disable your browser altogether if you still cant focus.


You can improve your performance and even your productivity, by using one of the productivity apps that incorporates mindfulness techniques into your daily routine. With just 10 minutes spent each day, Headspace can help you to achieve that much needed calmness and clarity.

Mental Workout

You can improve your mental fitness by using one of the 5 functions offered by Mental Workout. These were developed by specialists from organizations including the Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Rescue Time

One of the most indispensable productivity apps is this one, allowing you to track your daily activities, seeing how long each one took, and whether you are taking too long to do it. You can analyze your results, identify any areas of weakness and set yourself goals to improve things, using the generated reports.


Trello allows you to see all the individual contributions and projects from a team project at a glance, letting you easily organize, track and assign tasks to the team.

Google Docs

Online documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be easily and quickly created with this productivity app, and it offers the flexibility to collaborate and work together in the live mode.


Efficient communication and collaboration is now possible with Yammer, which allows you to communicate with a distributed workforce. The app allows managers to stay on top of things by taking part in meetings with all team members, and also lets team members switch effortlessly between projects.

Headspace - How It Works

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