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Free Yourself With Free Space On Google Drive

Jul 01 2015


There was a shock last week when Google Drive lowered its prices for online storage. This has led experts to concede that large online storage users will always have a way of avoiding high tariffs.

Thursday saw this unprecedented price slashing taking place alongside the announcement of a free 15 gigabyte plan. According to Avram Piltch of Tom's Guide there is more to it than what meets the eye, like Google's plans to increase membership.

Google are doing what Amazon did to booksellers, says Arun Taneja. They are attempting to change the reality of online storage. Today the average person may need only 10 GB. However, this could increase owing to Google Drive's new drive.

Frank Gillett, a Forrester Research analyst, suggests that free storage can be set-up using a few tricks up ones sleeve. Creating separate accounts for both personal and work e-mail is one way. With the aid of apps like Jolidrive and Otixo one can join and manage data located in different storage hubs. Dropbox also offers ways of creating free space when you refer friends using the in-built feature for automatic photo upload.

Tablets and computers usually have free storage, though for a limited period of time in some instances. The Samsung Chromebook has 2 years of 100 GB on Google Drive Storage and the Galaxy S5 has 6 months of 50 GB with Box. Nonetheless, your choice of gadget should not be centered around free storage, it should rather be an added advantage.

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