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Free Cloud Storage Options From Microsoft and Google

Feb 11 2015


Microsoft is  giving away a huge 100G of space this week while Google provides an additional 2G of space for anyone looking for free storage options. With hacking, security and price being a drag of online storage sign-ups, two of the big players in the field are upping their offerings to draw in new customers. Finding more than 20G of free space online has been hard until now. Most providers charge extra with Google asking for $2/month for an extra 100G and Apple wanting $20 for a Terabyte.

Dropbox has become famous for offering extra storage when you take part in one of their perks or contests. But getting storage for free is something totally new. Sign-up for Bing’s Rewards program and for two years you can get an extra 100G of space in your Microsoft OneDrive. Google’s offer is really free as long as you check your Google Drive settings to make sure you are OK with the security settings you have chosen.

Google’s offer ends on the 17th with Microsoft’s offering ending at the end of the month. So hurry up and get some free storage before March Madness is the focus of your attention.

How To Get 100 GB of Free Cloud Storage on OneDrive Using Bing Rewards!

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