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GoDaddy CEO Speaks At Women's Conference

Oct 01 2014

GoDaddy is a company that is very familiar on the Internet. Many with a business online have probably used GoDaddy to register their website domain name. The fact is that the company is one of the biggest domain registration and web hosting companies online. They really gained attention in 2005 with controversial commercials that received a lot of attention during the Super Bowl. The commercials were considered sexist and objectified women. Millions of women found the commercials offensive. However, things are certainly changing at GoDaddy. They have a decidedly new attitude, and they want to change the way others see them.

GoDaddy CEO Speaks At Women's Conference
The new CEO of GoDaddy was welcomed at a recent woman's computing conference. A few years ago, this would of been an impossibility. Blake Irving is the new CEO at GoDaddy. He was invited to speak at the "Male Allies" panel Anita Borg Institute Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing event that celebrates women in the computing industry. Many women found the sexist commercials very offensive. However, the new CEO was not responsible for those commercials. He has taken a decidedly new approach and is trying to change the image of the company. This new advertising approach is raising a few eyebrows and renewed interest in the company.

New Plea
The new CEO of GoDaddy is asking the public to take a second look at the company. The new leaders should not take the blame for past transgressions by a former CEO that had another approach to advertising the company. He admits that he realizes that the companies success and popularity is mostly due to the very controversial commercials and advertising. However, those tactics were needed to make GoDaddy into the major success that it is now.

The new CEO is trying out a new strategy and he is attempting to leave the former controversial image of the company behind. Blake Irving wants to form a closer relationship with small business people, which includes men and women. He wants to improve the image and the product. Certainly, only time will tell if this new image and strategy is working for the company.

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