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Startup Funding From ZipRecruiter Gives Hope To Cash Strapped Men And Women

Sep 04 2014

Startup funding has given ZipRecruiter an opportunity to help everyone earn an honest living online. After already possessing over 20 years in human resources, the startup funding ZipRecruiter earned became designated for a new business structure. The goal was to make HR easier for individuals and struggling companies. Immediate employees would be tinkering away at ZipRecruiter's main headquarters while everyone else would be able to access the company's services through the Internet.

"When seeking out our startup funding, the staff at ZipRecruiter always had humble intentions,"  Ian Siegal, the CEO of Ziprecruiter admits. "And as we expected, our plans for startup funding took off. With the extra money gained, ZipRecruiter moved beyond the stereotypes associated with scrappy entreprenuers. It is extremely rare to gain this type of potential with startup funding."

As it now stands, the online version of ZipRecruiter is now four years old. The startup funding earned a few years earlier has transformed a relatively small company into an enterprise with 150 employees and an office with 40,000 square feet of room. In terms of revenue, the company earns $50 million each year. For everyday consumers trying to research funding companies for startup purposes, the stats could not be any better. In fact, one of the quickest methods for earning money without worrying about credit or business loans would involve offering a series of gigs. One set should promote the cheapest jobs able to be given, while the others should offer gigs with midranged and expensive pricing. 

"ZipRecruiter simply took the tools utilized by larger companies and simplified them. The whole goal was to assist people with easier HR tasks. It does not matter if the person is an established HR professional," adds Siegel.

What sets ZipRecruiter apart is how quickly it was able to earn its startup funding. A set of financial metrics was met with each dollar the company gained from the loans associated with their startup funding. With over 30,000 small enterprises starting each month, only ZipRecruiter has pushed ahead with substantially profitable success.

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