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Google Development Includes Its Modular Smart Phone Project

Jul 16 2014

English: HTC Touch Pro2

English: HTC Touch Pro2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reality of Google's modular smartphone is getting closer every day. In fact, Google is now looking for a handful of developers with exceptional ideas and vision for the Project Ara. Developers must apply directly to the program and a few lucky individuals will be selected by Google and given early access to the modules used in powering this innovative new smartphone.

Prospective developers can apply to this program up to July 18th. The early hardware is scheduled to be shipped by the end of July. Then, the following month, Google will choose another group of developers who will also receive the kit.

Those who receive the developer kit will find the kit to contain circuit boards for testing the various modules that snap together in order to create the smartphone. The success of Project Ara will largely depend on companies and developers embracing the upgradable nature of the product which includes packaging various components, such as the processor, camera and battery in individual blocks that can then be swapped out for other modules. It's certainly a big change from the standard smartphone in use today where nothing is able to be changed or upgraded. Clearly, by distributing developer kits, Google is hoping to garner interest from some of the most notable developers who will then put together Project Ara blocks of their own.

The creator of the best Google development module developed through this program will win the Developer Prize Challenge as well as $100,000.

Previously Google stated that they were targeting a release date of January 2015 and a product price of $50.

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