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SkyDrive, Now OneDrive, Accessible Storage By Microsoft

Jan 27 2014

Historic Microsoft photo of Paul Allen (left) ...

Historic Microsoft photo of Paul Allen (left) and Bill Gates (respectively) on October 19, 1981 surrounded by PCs after signing a major contract with IBM to develop software for its upcoming PC line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of greatest grief's we carry in the world of technology we live in is the loss of our files, pictures, or other information. It can also be frustrating not having access to them even when you still have them. SkyDrive by Microsoft changes everything.

SkyDrive is a storage system for you files and other documents. It is safe and secure; since Microsoft stores them, they will never be lost, even if your computer goes past the point of no return. Not only that, but you can access you files from anywhere. You don't have to be at your own computer.

SkyDrive by Microsoft also features the ability to sync your other devices to your account, and if you do not currently have a Microsoft account, it is very simple to create one on the SkyDrive site.

Just some of the things you can put in the SkyDrive storage system include designs or plans, reports and documents, recipes, pictures, and virtually anything else you do not want to misplace.

Another excellent feature afforded to you by SkyDrive is the ability to pull a document, essay, or any other paperwork you need to focus on, and work on it right from your SkyDrive app. The app is free to download, and with an active account, you can utilize SkyDrive by Microsoft from every device you own. To put it simply, it is better than a wallet, and a lot safer. All security prevention is handled by Microsoft Security Essentials. With a far-reaching and all-inclusive system, and with the user maintain the level of security they are responsible for, everything is right where you left it.

Go online to research SkyDrive by Microsoft. We believe you will see it as just what you are looking for. Partner with Microsoft for dependability today!

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