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How to Develop Mobile apps for your website?

Jul 19 2013

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How to Develop Mobile apps for your website?

The number of mobile phone users in the world are increasing day by day and at least 60% of them use it to browse the Internet and stay connected with the online world. In such a scenario, having a mobile version of your website is extremely necessary. Here in lies the importance of mobile app development.

It is sad to note that most of the websites present in the world are not compatible to view with in a mobile version. To avoid such an embarrassment, let us create a mobile version for our website easily.Here We will go through 3 methods for mobile app development of our website.

1. Mippin

Mippin is a free service which helps to create a mobile version and the system is completely RSS driven.The Process of creation of the mobile version is extremely quick and any newbie would be able to do it themselves without any sort of programming knowledge.Mippin also provides free distribution of the app across all sorts of mobile platforms and also allows the users to make money online by integrating ads on their mobile version of the sites.

2. Wirenode

Wirenode offers more than what Mippin offers and as per stats more than 32000 websites have been optimized with wirenode.It Allows the users to personalize their mobile version as per their needs. Also features like tracking the number of page views the apps gets are also integrated into the Wirenode dashboard.

3. Zinadoo

Zinadoo is also another free version of the mobile app development tools available across the Internet.Apart from creating the mobile version. They provide resources to optimize your mobile version with the Google mobile keywords thus driving traffic to your site.They Also helps you in online an offline promotions of your website.Zinadoo is reviewed by uses to be extremely quick.

There are many more such tools available across the Internet for mobile app development like winksite, mobisitegalore , mobiready, Google mobile optimizer etc.Using them will definitely have a positive impact on the overall development of your website and hence spending sometime on it is extremely recommended. RSS feeds are created automatically for any website based on the content published on it and hence you never need to create any separate content for your mobile version.

Having a Mobile version for your website can do wonders for your website. Not creating one is damaging the reputation of your website.Let us not be one among the foolish lot to kill the reps of our websites...

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