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2/8/2017 3:13:37 PM
The Top 10 Best Selling Products On Alibaba
By srpatterson


What are the best selling products on Alibaba?

All around the world, economies are moving to virtual commerce. Companies like eBay and Amazon have become the leaders in shopping, creating a thriving model for selling online, benefitting both the companies and the customers.

Meanwhile, this e-commerce idea is moving billions of people in China towards this new mode of buying and selling. The company is Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. which has become the core of the new wave of e-commerce in China. Alibaba's fourth quarter revenues were $5.88 billion dollars, up by 42 percent over the fourth quarter of the previous year.

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10 Billion Dollars Paid To Apple App Store Developers

Jun 11 2013

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10 Billion Dollars Paid To Apple App Store Developers

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple has paid app store developers $10 billion since 2008 -- more than three times that of all the other platforms combined! Apps have been downloaded over 50 billions times, and the numbers are rising every day.

In fact, half of that $10 billion has actually been paid out within the last year -- showing the astronomical growth of the industry. Not only within the Apple App Store, app developers are seeing a boom in their field like never before.

What does this mean? That's now is a really good time to be an app developer. Startups firms and freelancers alike are able to create apps that interest their target markets much more easily than ever, and reap handsome profits for their efforts.

It's hard to say how long the bubble will last, or how much growth it will support. However, if current projections of smartphone and tablet sales are any indication, it is safe to say that app developers will have nothing to worry about for at least the next 5 -- 10 years.

The largest "unclaimed territory" is in the iPad and tablet market. Apple says that of the 900,000 apps in its store, 375,000 are developed to work with the iPad. That leaves more than 58% of the apps out. Developers would do well to build for both platforms to maximize exposure and profits.

With this kind of news, it's no wonder Apple is still leading the pack in the mobile market. Exciting to think what next year's announcements might be!

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