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2/8/2017 3:13:37 PM
The Top 10 Best Selling Products On Alibaba
By srpatterson


What are the best selling products on Alibaba?

All around the world, economies are moving to virtual commerce. Companies like eBay and Amazon have become the leaders in shopping, creating a thriving model for selling online, benefitting both the companies and the customers.

Meanwhile, this e-commerce idea is moving billions of people in China towards this new mode of buying and selling. The company is Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. which has become the core of the new wave of e-commerce in China. Alibaba's fourth quarter revenues were $5.88 billion dollars, up by 42 percent over the fourth quarter of the previous year.

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Photo Tagging On Instagram And Its Online Marketing Potential

May 03 2013

Instagram - 8

Instagram - 8 (Photo credit: BrentOzar)

Photo Tagging On Instagram And Its Online Marketing Potential

Instagram now allows users to tag others in their online photos. Without a doubt, this news comes as a welcome addition to the site's features. A user can tag any other username in their own photos to increase the social interaction between members. The fact of the matter is that marketers can utilize this feature, too. Fortunately, online marketing opportunities just expanded thanks to Instagram.

Since users can tag any username in their photos, companies can take advantage of this feature with their own brands. For instance, a company could advertise itself through its own photos. It could give incentives to consumers to tag those same brands within their photos. Fortunately, this is a cost-effective way of using social media to advertise directly to consumers. Online marketing has not seemed so simple before.

A marketer shouldn't simply spam Instagram with advertisements and countless tags, though. It's important to proceed with a careful online marketing plan to avoid mistakes. With that in mind, a company should only add tags to their photos when it makes sense. Followers for that brand should be subtly encouraged to tag the company in their photos. A small incentive for doing so could include coupons or discounts.

In the end, Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing social media sites today. Millions of photos are uploaded each month by thousands of regular users. Many companies can benefit from online marketing through the site. Undoubtedly, the option to tag usernames provides for many new ways to advertise. These companies can increase their brand awareness and interact with customers all the same.

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