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Changing your BlogSpot Blog to DoFollow

Apr 23 2009


Changing your BlogSpot Blog to DoFollow

I have casually been running a Blogspot blog for some time mostly for linking back to my main web sites. Until today I hadn't taken the time to find out how to alter the blog from a nofollow blog to a dofollow blog. At first it seemed like altering the layout HTML would be all that was necessary but there were no nofollow tags in the code. Then I came across Tips for Blogspot which showed the needed flag 'Expand Widgets'. After selected this checkbox and replacing the two rel="nofollow" with rel="external", I was set.


Adding the DoFollow Image

The final step was added a text area widget to the top of the left panel and placing a DoFollow image into the area. After a quick Google search I came across Dajarot Studio and their nice set of DoFollow images with corresponding HTML insertion code. No my Blogspot blog is a DoFollow blog providing link love to all who comment.

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