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Participate In Online Business Forums to Gain Exposure

Jan 26 2010

Participate In Online Business Forums to Gain Exposure

If you want to interact with other online entrepreneurs who can potentially help you in your business and vice versa, you should try joining an online business forum in your niche. Keep in mind that networking is give and take. As you learn from other entrepreneurs, you can also share them what you know. You can also indirectly promote your business website while doing all that.

Perhaps the main benefit of joining niche forums is the possibility for making new connections. You will be able to interact with people who are already successful, or the so called "big guns" in your particular industry. Best thing is, everyone is equal in the forums. You can ask Mr. Sales Superstar directly and you will get a quick answer without feeling intimidated. The community feeling inside a forum makes it a place suitable for new business partnerships.

The key to promoting yourself and your business in the forums is this: Avoid blatant advertising. Forum communities despise those who simply want to advertise their business without taking a sincere interest in the online discussions. It is better to focus on making friends, replying to forum threads, and sharing your thoughts to the community.

Usually, most forums will allow you to create a "signature text" that appears at the bottom of each discussion thread or comment that you post. The signature text is where you are allowed to place a teaser ad about yourself and post your business related website link.

When you regularly hang out in the forums and live well thought out comments, people will begin to notice you. You can begin your own discussions or comment on already existing ones. Post your opinions about a wide range of topics so that people will regard you as an active user who is not just out there to solicit or try to make a sale. It is easy for people to see through any ulterior motive you have. So just have fun in the forum, and make sure that your signature text is appealing enough.

Generally, it is inappropriate to post your website link in the body of your thread or comment. However, there are some instances when you are allowed to do this. For example, a particular discussion in the forum is related to a recent blog post that you wrote. In this situation, you can post your blog article link without having to worry if the moderators will delete it. As long as you're trying to help and share relevant info, you'll be ok.

Another advantage of interacting with successful entrepreneurs is that, eventually, you get to meet someone with huge influence in your niche. Striking a partnership with this kind of person can potentially give you lots of business. By entering joint ventures with other online business owners, you will be in a better position to make it big in your industry.

Do no hesitate to view other people's threads and commenting on them. Being a respected member of any forum takes some time, but once you get the exposure, you will start seeing more results in your business.

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